Simple Method to Make Batik

Batik is one of the cultural heritage of Indonesia, so we must take care and maintained batik. One of method to preserve of batik is with study and learning about how to make Batik.  To make a batik, we need the equipment required like : cloth (can be made from silk, cotton or polyester fabric mix), pencil for making batik designs, canting made of bamboo, copper and have mouth, this canting have function like a pen. Canting used to ladle the hot liquid wax, which is used as a cover or protector of pigments.  Gawangan (where to put a cloth),  candles,  pots and a small stove for heating…
Step – steps are as follows:

  1. The first step is we make batik designs on cloth with pencil or commonly called “molani”. In determining the motive, usually each person has different tastes.  Some prefer to make their own motives, but others prefer to follow the general motives that have been there.
  2. The second step is to use a canting which already contain a liquid wax to coat the desired pattern. The aim is to ensure that the immersion into a solution of coloring materials, parts that were not exposed layer of wax. After the wax is dry, dip a cloth into the dye solution.
  3. The last process is nglorot, where the cloth has changed color boiled with hot water. The goal is to remove the wax layer, so the motive which had drawn previously apparent. You do not need to worry, this dye will not make a pattern that has been affected by the color of your image, because the top of the fabric is still shrouded in a thin layer (wax does not completely fade).

The result is known batik cloth with batik cloth. The naming was given, because in addition to batik, there are also printed batik, batik printing, batik painting and silk screening.

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