Learning Batik By Computer’s Software

We must say Alhamdulillah because Batik was declared and inaugurated as  an original culture by the Organization Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).  Before the inaugural that fell on October 2, 2009,  the spirit of knowing and using the batik was echoed by the Indonesian people themselves.  To restore enthusiasm for batik, batik lover of many groups that present an introduction and teaching how to learning batik easily.  Now there are many software that are part of an effort to introduce batik to the younger generation and preserve it so as not to become extinct…

There is one result of technology anyone can learn to facilitate batik design. Community Pixel People Project of the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) to create software or software jBatik name. Previously they were first produced by the fractal motif batik batik art married with math.

Because it can mathematically dibahasakan, Pixel People Project and developed a software for batik fractal.

In www.pxlpplproject.com official website, which quoted Legal, Friday (2/10/2009) Pixel People Project jBatik defined as an open source software that can be used to design batik fractal design.

This Java-based programs can be found our site and directed them to the users who are interested in developing batik motif fractal or mathematical formulas are designed and stored in png format.

This software has included almost all the standard batik in Indonesia, including the standard of Pekalongan batik motif, Garut, Yogyakarta, and Solo.

jBatik has received support from the State Minister for Research and Technology of Indonesia and is recognized as a phenomenal work that combines art with technology. Earlier in the ICT Award 2008 event, this software won the award in the category of E-Tourism and e-Culture


  1. Billy John says:

    It’s great, Now everyone can learn how to create Batik throught Software Application

  2. Zhe coi says:

    I love Batik very much, Can you share about the how to design and make a motifs and pattern of Batik? Thanks you very much. I hope this blog will give a benefit for people in the world. Good luck

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