Tips How to Take Care Batik

Batik both clothes and material must be maintained in order always looking good and beautifull at all times. Usually batik will be decreased in color and look shabby caused of usage or washing and drying. We must take care our Batik to keep it good and beautiful at all times.  Batik was processed and colored traditionally without using the machine.  In the first until third washing, Batik  will be releasing residues from the coloring process.  However,  the process of disposing of this residue would not affect the quality and color of clothes because it’s not fade processes color.  How we can maintained Batik in order look goog and beautifull?. These are tips that can be done :

  1. You can wash the Batik with soap from the fruit “lerak”. This soap was already available in the package was practical and cheap of cost . The method is Pour 1 measure (bottle cap) into half a bucket of liquid water, stirring.  Enter laundry sheets 3-4 batik, let 5-10 minutes, wash batik  softly.  Rinse movement with clean water, should not be blackmailed and drying the shady place. Could also use the fruit or leaf glued “lerak”  harm. Methode water soaked, wrung fruit or leaf lerak unsealed until foaming, then add enough water, and ready to wash the batik. Lerak fruit aroma could prevent the emergence of animals that can damage the fabric.
  2. Do not use detergent to wash the batik and do not rub. If the stain is not too dirty then simply washed off with warm water.  But if the stains, wash with soap lerak.  If the stain is still stubborn, remove the lemon peels provide on the spot.
  3. Do not wash batik using bleach and use the washing machine
  4. After the dirt away, drying batik in a place not exposed to direct sunlight, enough to take it in the air or drying in the shade. To note, too, do not squeeze, let it dry naturally.
  5. Do not iron directly batik cloth. When batik look very good, spray some water onto the batik cloth, then place a piece of cloth above the base, just ironed.
  6. If you want to give fragrance and softener on batik cloth, do not spray directly on fabric. Previously, cover with newspaper had batik, a new spray deodorant and liquid fabric softener.
  7. Do not spray perfume or cologne directly to batik cloth, batik silk primarily with natural dyes.

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