Type of Batik

Batik experiencing very rapid growth in the last of 20th century, especially in 1970-an. In the first time Batik was made traditionally by hand made and use the wax to colouring and making motif in Batik. Nowadays there are many type of batik that was made not by hand made but can be made by machine.  Batik can be made by printing the motif in the material or by combinations using the technique of batik with batik and printed batik techniques (batik stamp). Its features : there are motifs that appear symmetrical as a result of the stamp, but combined with the writing techniques that asymmetric shape. While the motive for the pull, is a combination of batik printing techniques with technical writing…

Commonly batik printing has the following characteristics:

  1. Printing with the characteristics of the motive “more orderly”
  2. Cap has a symmetrical pattern / repetition of motifs, including yg combination (more than 1 pattern in the fabric 1), the smell of wax / wax / pd trail menyengat.Banyak Gondorukem slouchy motifyg due process of wax uneven / cracked due process.
  3. Write smell Gondorukem course, motive does not occur looping shapes and sizes.

While based on color

  1. Artificial dyes (eg Naptol Gondorukem smell … the smell of defeat. Tdk permitted in developed countries), Base on colors.
  2. Natural dyes (from leaves, fruit, bark, seeds, etc.) is more muted colors (natural) ..

Based on the price :

  1. Batik silk with natural dyes that complicated motives (a combination of colors and shapes) …. According to the complexity and long time course of production process is very expensive
  2. Batik cap combination (shape and color)
  3. batik printing materials sunwash (material from shiny like satin)
  4. Naptol batik fabric printing with low-quality material/ blaco (class party shirt)

Hopefully this info useful and add to the appreciation of batik products. And do not say expensive first before you know exactly how the product is made. Batik is the result of creativity and perseverance of the craftsmen and heritage of this nation, advantage in the country. So we must pride in domestic production will contribute to the sector of small and medium enterprises . Love traditional batik local production will increase the welfare of the people and small businesses, because local products are the result of work of their hands.

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