Hand Made Batik

Batik is one of the original culture heritage from Indonesia that must be preserved and maintained for future. Traditional Batik have made by manual with wax as a basic material. Now batik more known as a pattern and style that have an special design. Batik can be made not just by hand made, but it can be made by printing, stamp, stencil or others methode in draw a pattern style of batik in a canvas. The origin batik was produced by hand made with “Canting” as tool to draw or paint a style in cotton material.  Natural materials such as cotton or silk are used for the cloth, so that it can absorb the wax that is applied in the dye resisting process. The fabrics must be of a high thread count (densely woven). It is important that cloth of high quality have this high thread count so that the intricate design qualities of batik can be maintained…

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