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Blus Batik Anazura

Blus Batik Anazura

Batik is is a material that traditionally uses a manual wax resist dyeing technique. Batik or fabrics with the traditional batik patterns are found in (particularly) in Indonesia especially in midle of Java like Pekalongan, Solo and Yogyakarta. Anazura Shop have many collection of batik art product like shirt, blues, gamis, moslem’s wear and another cloth application. If you want to collect batik, you can get from Anazura Shop.

Anazura sell many product of batik from  Pekalongan Region as a traditional product.


Technique Make Traditional Batik by Hand Made

Batik is art, batik is design, batik is product, batik is innovation, batik is cultural heritage of Indonesia that have recognized the world. Now, batik become mode and trend in clothes, art, home appliance, headgear and others application.¬† Batik art can be made by several methode such as printing, stencil, stamp, paintiing or by traditional hand made. This article will be diskused about how to make traditional batik by handmade…

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